“It’s All About the Details”

At Twisted Stitch Seats, we pride ourselves in being an industry leader in the off-road seat marketplace. We have introduced many innovative designs and features to the off-road industry and continue to produce high end products for the most discriminating clients. We focus on every detail, starting with our industry-first, Solidworks designed laser cut frames to the last stitch in the cover.

Features of Twisted Stitch Seats

100% Hand Crafted In Our Factory

Every seat we build at Twisted Stitch is lovingly hand crafted in our shop in Southern California. Because we create each seat individually you can select the exact features, colors, and stitching that you want. We understand the care and level of detail you’ve put into your vehicle. We are with you on in spirit! We pay that same level of care and attention to our seats. Each seat is “best in show” quality guaranteed to wow your friends and judges alike!

  • Custom Made Seats

  • Custom Color Selection

  • Premium Leather

  • 100% Battle tested

  • Journeymen Craftsmen

  • We can match your paint

  • 16 custom variations

  • Show Quality Custom Interior

Check Out These Extensive Seat Customization Options!

We Custom Make the Purrrfect Seat for Your Vehicle

We’re here to make sure you’re ride is the top dog, most macho, show quality, hands down, slam-dunk vehicle on the planet. No other seat manufacturer offers you the full range of customization and color options. Because we make our seats in our factory we can offer you the perfect seat for your vehicle. Go ahead and get your paint, options, and accessories. Then order custom Twisted Stitch Seats to top the vehicle off. Making you look GREAT is what we do!

  • EMBROIDERY (+$40 ea)

  • SEAT LEATHER (+$175 EA)

  • REAR POCKET (+$67 EA)

  • SUB BELT LOOP (+$6 EA)



  • FLAME STITCH (+$50 EA)